My First Gig in Years

Last night, I had the pleasure of joining my friend Tom Adamson in playing a gig at Chapman’s Brewery in Angola, IN. Tom simply referred to us as “Tom Adamson and Friends,” but because he is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church I jokingly called the group “Fr. Tom and the Confessions.”

It was a lot of fun playing music, not just listening and writing about it. It was also an intimate setting, surrounded by friends and family. I also had the the joy of signing Big Star’s “I’m in Love with a Girl” to my five-year-old daughter.


Our song selections ranged all over. Tom put together a Spotify playlist for rehearsing our covers.


The entire gig was a family affair. Tom’s teenage son Sam played his first show by supporting us on the drums. And my uncle Troy shared much of the singing credit. Oh, and my uncle is just a few years older than I am.

Tom and Troy were in a band in the mid-2000s called Bottle Rocket Blue. We played a selection of their songs. It was a nostalgic time for Tom and Troy for whom life’s twists and turns have taken far distances and in different directions.


But the beauty is that the music that connects us opens the doors for us to reconnect. And it can allow us to build new connections with those we love.


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